Aluminium series


Designed to meet the needs of those who sail, these inflatables are the essence of all that you have always wanted. Boats that break the mold, substantially different from the idea of rib as we used to think… until today.

Different? Very different, starting from the material of construction, realized, except tubes and some accessories, completely in marine 5083 aluminum, a special alloy that ensures breaking loads considerably higher than the fiberglass, without the problem of osmosis. The structural efficiency of the alloy 5083 is even higher than that of steel and is the best of all aluminum alloys. Different because in equal size they have an average weight of 35% in less than an inflatable boat made of common fiberglass. This translates obviously into a lower power requirements for a lower cost of purchase of the engine and an undeniable fuel savings.

Different in design, that is modern, charming with sharp lines and with original features such as the largest ground level through the use of undercut geometries and tapered bow and greatly advanced. Different because almost totally recyclable. The LTN aluminium series inflatable boats, at the end of the operating cycle, have a very low environmental impact.

From design to construction

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Made in Italy by highly qualified and certified staff, using the latest laser cutting technology, computerized bending and pulsed arc welding. Every detail is painstaking, each installation of accessories is designed and fitted with special isolators. In the embodiment of these boats it is not used either a self-tapping screw. All this for an extreme quality. High quality finishes, such as the indoor painting of lockers with special ceramic-based products and rubber seals on all hatches for no annoying vibrations

The construction of your LTN aluminum series

External finish made with polyacrylic paint triple layer, glossy, semi-gloss, matte or metallic with the ability to choose any color to match the color of the upholstery and the synthetic teak. The possibility to amend the provisions of the blanket to the owner’s needs make these inflatebles the boats you’ve always wanted.